Travellers and Tourists
The Charters Towers Rodeo Association welcome all visitors to drop in and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our rodeo events. Stay a few days and enjoy the sights and entertainment of The Towers.
FREE Camping is available on the grounds during the rodeo events
* Limited powered sites * Showers and toilets * Canteen on site
THINGS TO DO (Click the heading to link to the website of each activity)

Local Shopping

Local Shopping in the historic main streets of Charters Towers is like stepping back in time. Heritage buildings with intricate lattice work and wrought iron details silhouette the skyline. A touch of the modern with a mix of the old makes for a day of relaxation in downtown Charters Towers. Enjoy a meal in one of the many cafes or hotels on offer all within walking distance.

Texas Longhorn Wagon Tours
Take a horse drawn wagon ride and a trip back in time - back to the old west, to the era of the legendary Texas Longhorns! These historical cattle are direct descendants of the millions of Texas Longhorns that walked in the great trail herds from Texas in the late 1800's. Enjoy a camp oven cooked damper and billy tea served from the genuine cowboy chuck wagon before taking an informative tour of the custom saddle shop. Learn some of the history of this iconic and magnificent breed of cattle whilst enjoying the yarns with your hosts and fellow travellers.

Alcore ATV Wilderness Tours
Join a tour to explore the river systems surrounding the prestige rural areas of the Charters Towers Region. Imagine the thrill of being able to transverse this amazing area with friends, family and other fun loving people on your very own four wheeled ATV motor bike! (All-Terrain Vehicle).
The Miners Cottage
Learn How to Pan for GOLD like a professional - Learn the SECRETS of successful gold panning. Explore the interior of an authentic Miner's home (circa. 1890). Meet some local characters who are passionate about their town and want to share stories with you. Watch a selection of film presentations on Gold mining under the city streets (right now!) Why is "Breaker Morant" part of the towns past? Read a book on the shaded verandah whilst enjoying a free cup of coffee or tea (self service)

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